Paul A. O’Keefe, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology and Lab Director
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Liz Horberg, Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow
Emily Kim, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Emily Kim is a post-doctoral fellow in the Mindsets & Motivation Lab at Yale-NUS College. Emily’s research interests lie in the intersection of culture and motivation. She examines the role of implicit theories on individuals’ motivation and interests, as well as how their cultural backgrounds play an important role in this relationship. As her postdoctoral project, Emily is excited about conducting large-scale social-psychological interventions that target college students’ subjective experiences in school.
Emily earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Northwestern University in 2010. Before coming to Yale-NUS, Emily completed her doctoral training in social psychology at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where she studied under Professor Dov Cohen.
Gabriel C. Ibasco
Research Assistant
Gabe is a junior at Yale-NUS College. As a psychology major, he is particularly interested in how socio-cultural differences influence motivational patterns and strategies used to overcome obstacles. Additionally, through work in the lab, Gabe hopes to gain insight into how research about fixed and growth mindsets can be applied to remedy issues of inequality.
Anandita Sabherwal
Research Assistant
Hi, I am Anandita (translates to someone who spreads happiness!), a sophomore at Yale-NUS college. I have been fascinated with Psychology for about a decade now and the study of mindsets and motivation epitomises the applicability of Psychology to me. Also interested in pedagogy, I feel that Psychological research can facilitate educators and hence infuse a culture of positivity, growth, and grit in students. I am really excited to explore how people’s mindsets can shape their motivations, and how studying these can help me be a better educator.

Past Members

Adlin Zainal
Research Assistant
Adlin is a senior at Yale-NUS College majoring in Psychology. Growing up as a minority in Singapore, she is particularly interested in how stereotypes affect motivation as well as interventions to reduce achievement gaps. In her spare time, she can be found watching unhealthy amounts of television or playing with the neighborhood cats.
IMG_3158 Erin Yumei
Yan Lin headshot Yan Lin Ho
m&m photo Daryl Tan
Headshot_Peter_Ooi Peter Ooi Teik Aun
Chups Lim Chu Hsien
Ryan Mak
Research Assistant
Ryan is a senior at the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor pursuing a degree in Cognitive Science and Philosophy. He is keenly interested in understanding motivation behind human behaviour as part of his passion for moral psychology. He hopes to learn more about how mindsets influence the way we act in order to design practical interventions to help people improve their circumstances and general outlook in life. When not thinking about how people ought to act, he is living vicariously through Harvey Specter (from Suits).
Crystal Lee
Research Assistant
Hi! My name is Crystal Lee, and I’m a psychology major and sophomore from Yale-NUS College. I’m interested in multiple fields of psychology but I’m particularly fascinated by the influence of our mindsets and beliefs on our actions and how we interpret the world. I hope to pursue further studies in psychology and practice what I’ve learned in my career. Other than psychology, I’m passionate about dance, music and teaching.
Damian Lee
Research Assistant
Hi! My name is Damian and I am currently a sophomore at Yale-Nus college. I am interested in the impact that different growth mindsets can have on us and how we could use experimental findings to suggest improvements in the field of education. In particular, I hope to use what I learn to enhance my ability to lead and perform as an athlete.
David Zhang
Research Assistant
David is freshman at Yale-NUS College. As an individual who has taken numerous IQ and standardized exams, he witnessed and experienced the effects of how self-inflating and self-degregading these exams are on one’s mindset and motivation. He is passionate about self-empowerment and hopes to enable others to unlock their full creative, intellectual, and emotional potential.